About 80% of the leaders in Africa, both in business and politics, had at least 20% of their Education Abroad.

why Smartix

A degree from a good University increases your chances of a good job, a great career and a successful future. It is possible to study at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale and any of the top Universities all over the world.

However, schooling abroad is not cheap. An average tuition and room and board could cost up to $70,000 a year. But what if you can obtain full scholarship to cover all these?

That is what Smartix consult is here for. We would guide you through what you need to do from A to Z. Take up this chance. The future is for those who are willing to fight for it and we are ready to help you shape your future in a world class university on a free scholarship. Whether you are a high school student or recent high school graduate seeking to go to college in the US, Canada or UK, a high school student or university graduate who wants to study medicine in Europe, a University graduate seeking funding for Masters or PhD, we have all the solutions.

Learn From Experts

Our classes are handled by teachers who have taken the test and have scored in the 99th percentiles.


Smartix Consult assists students with documentation, the applications process and securing financial aid.

Scholarship Consult

We also offer applications and scholarship consulting where we help students find schools in any country of their choice.

Best Results

Smartix has taught and assisted many students to gain admission and scholarship into some of the World’s top Universities.